Wanek's Bierometric

Beer labels 3977

There are so many bottled beers on the world; I document hereby those I’ve tasted. The labels of beer bottles were removed and then glued on graph paper

All beer labels: 3595

Besides this online collection I have of course all the labels on paper too. Where no label to find is, it means that they are still under my documentation process.

In progress: 382

A square grid corresponds to 0.5 cm
Best Before Date (volume in liters)
beer name #shortcut to this beer

style / alcohol% (Grad Plato°) [Bio] = Organic Product

beer attributes
unnecessary additives

brewery information
country of origin
Web address of the beer, brewery or brewery-group

Some beers are bottled in various bottles sizes and with the time even the labels are changing. If there are more labels of a beer, you can see the Best Before Date (volume in liters) under the beer labels.